Tipps & Tricks für dein Tesla Model Y/3 – 2

Tips & Tricks for your Tesla Model Y/3 – 2

Hi, at tunedeinenTesla we want you to understand your Tesla Model 3 or Y better every week. Then you should check out our Tesla 1x1 take a closer look.

So here are your three "Tesla Tips & Tricks" of the week: 

1. Use browser in full screen

Open the YouTube app in your Tesla and scroll down to Settings. Instead of logging in, click on "Privacy". You can now use the pins in the top right to call up all Google products - including Google search.

2. Accept current speed

Your Tesla has recognized a new speed limit and you would like to adopt it? Then click on the traffic sign on the screen or press and hold the right stick for a short moment.

3. Reset on errors

Your screen is frozen or a display is corrupt? Then perform a soft reset by holding down the two scroll wheels until the screen turns off . Theoretically, you can also carry out this reset while driving, all safety functions remain activated. If this did not fix the error, you still have the hard reset - but this time in parking mode. To do this, call up the menu and click on the "Service" tab. Change the tire configuration. Now the whole car shuts down and restarts.

Do you have any tips and tricks that you would like to share with others? Then write us a short email or use the chat function and we will incorporate your tips soon.

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VG Lenardt von tunedeinenTesla.de

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