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Tips & Tricks for your Tesla Model Y/3 – 3

Hi, at tunedeinenTesla we want you to understand your Tesla Model 3 or Y better every week. Then you should check out our Tesla 1x1 take a closer look.

So here are your three "Tesla Tips & Tricks" of the week: 

1. Navigation by mobile phone

You Have you ever searched for your destination on your cell phone? Then send it directly to your Tesla using the share function. Recently, you can also start your route including supercharger directly from the Tesla app. To do this, open the app, click on location and enter your destination. 

2. Change between "Drive" and "Reverse"

You have to rank quickly? Then change even when rolling between the gears (up to 6 km/h possible) and drive quickly in the right direction. recently a successful gear change is confirmed with a tone. Because you should be careful, if you are too fast, the gear change will not be carried out. If you press the pedal now, it can end badly. 

3. Driver Profiles

Set up multiple driver profiles to save not only the position of the driver's seat but also the position of the exterior mirrors and temperature and music preferences. Also, don't forget to activate Easy Entry and assign your mobile phone or key card to your driver profile under Locks. PS: We have another profile with a lying position for the loading break. Maybe that would be something for you too. ;)

Do you have any tips and tricks that you would like to share with others? Then write us a short email or use the chat function and we will incorporate your tips soon.

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VG Lenardt von tunedeinenTesla.de

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